UNI GS dishes out a dose of reality on Fox News

Watch the video of  UNI GS’s interview on Fox Business News, at Davos by clicking on this link: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5720008110001/?#sp=show-clips


UNI Global Union General Secretary, Philip Jennings delivered a scathing analysis of  President Trump’s first year in office, live on Fox Business News. Speaking immediately after President Trump had made his address to Davos, Jennings said that the reality was that Trump was failing the American people. His assertion that Trump’s tax breaks served the 1% rather than American workers brought a fiery response from the Fox team, which Jennings doused with a dose of reality.

Commenting on Trump’s speech to Davos, Jennings said it was 20th century response to 21st century issues, “His speech did not address the critical problems of present and future: the environment, the challenges of digitalization, and rabid inequality. The facts the stockmarkets are up should not deflect from the deep rooted problems the United States where 40 million people are living in poverty and 80% of workers are surviving from paycheck to paycheck.”

Jennings added that he was pleased to correct the misconception of the Fox reporter that unions were nolonger relevant by informing her that US unions had added a quarter of million new members last year. Finally the UNI GS urged Trump not to squander the opportunity given to him as president to address growing inequality which threatens the very social fabric of the ‘Land of the Free’.