UNI backs Mandela Memorial

Plans for a permanent memorial to Nelson Mandela in a Liverpool park have been given a significant boost on the fourth anniversary of his death, thanks to UNI Global Union

UNI Global Union has agreed to support the Nelson Mandela Memorial Campaign (Mandela8) in the run up its World Congress in Liverpool 17-20 June 2018

The Mandela8 campaign group wants to create a tribute on the lake island in Princes Park, Liverpool to tie in with what would have been his 100th birthday in 2018, and reinstate a bridge link.

UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings said, “UNI Global Union is one hundred percent behind this project, which is close to our hearts. We will remember Mandela at our World Congress in Liverpool in June next year.

“In these times of hate, racism and xenophobia, Mandela and the anti-apartheid movement, which unions around the world fully supported, remain a beacon of truth and hope.

“The bridge and the memorial in Princes Park will stand as part of the legacy from our Liverpool Congress to the people of the city and a link between our world congresses in Cape Town 2014 and Liverpool 2018.”

Mandela8 Chair, Lynn Collins, said, “We very much welcome this proposal which will help our aim of creating a unique artwork which will celebrate and commemorate Nelson Mandela’s outstanding achievement for humanity, and will bring visitors and tourists to the park. It will be a fitting legacy and foundation for our educational programmes.

“This city has a long affiliation to Nelson Mandela and the chosen space of the island in Princes Park creates an opportunity to break down barriers, build bridges and create links on many levels connected to humanity and diversity. It is particularly fitting as Nelson Mandela was incarcerated on an island for 18 years of his life.”

The £250k installation will reflect Mandela’s life, his love of gardens and horticulture, his teaching and passion for equality and humanity.

It will also provide space for learning, events and reflection. Integrating Nelson Mandela’s words into the artwork will be a powerful way to tell the narrative and communicate his messages and relevance to Toxteth, Liverpool and wider society today.

The scheme has recently been endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the artwork will act as a focal point to embed and advance Nelson Mandela’s legacy and values through the development and delivery of education projects for people of all ages – in social inclusion, community cohesion, anti-terrorism and the importance of citizenship in today’s society.