UNI sends message of sympathy to Finland after terrorist attack

UNI Global Union sends a message of sympathy to the victims and their families of the Turku attack in Finland.

UNI Global Union President, Ann Selin, who is the President of PAM in Finland said, “We here in Finland know that the whole UNI Global Union family is united in solidarity with the victims of the Turku attack. This is the first such terrorist attack in Finland and like our brothers and sisters in other countries who have experienced similar atrocities in recent times we remain defiant. We believe that in the end peace will conquer the evil perpetrated by a small minority of people. Most of all we remember the victims and their families who are grieving.”

UNI Global Union General Secretary Philip Jennings said, “Turku is the most recent of a number of terrible atrocities. We are united against this evil and send our sincere condolences to all those caught up in these tragic events. We stand in solidarity with all our affiliates who have been touched by these abominable crimes.”

In Turku in southern Finland on Friday, a man armed with a knife killed two women and seriously injured eight others. The Finnish police say they are treating the attack as a terrorist incident.