Free Brother Han: UNI calls on all affiliates to take urgent action

UNI Global Union is stepping up the campaign to free KCTU President Han Sang-gyun and more than 20 other trade union leaders imprisoned in South Korea. They are serving prison sentences for standing up for workers’ rights. We call on you to sign up to the ITUC LabourStart petition, write to the Korean Embassy in…

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Making It Happen: Trade Union Movement Backs A World Without Nuclear Weapons

UNI Global Union and its 20 million members in 150 countries welcome the discussions taking place on the draft UN General Assembly resolution to start negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons. We call on governments to get behind this resolution because we can imagine a world without nuclear weapons and believe in making it…

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13-10-16… NO REPRO FEE …   This week, the international trade union, UNI Global Union, holds World Post and Logistics Conference in Dublin at the Croke Park Conference Centre. Pic shows from left Stephen DeMatteo Head of UNI Post and Logistics , Christy Hoffman UNI Global Union Switzerland  , Steve Fitzpatrick of the CWU in Ireland and Philip Jennings UNI Global Union General Secretary at Croke Park during conference . Over 260 delegates from 50 countries, representing over 2 million postal and logistics workers, will assemble to examine the impacts of e-commerce on the post and logistics sector. As mail volumes collapse worldwide, and parcel volumes increase, e-commerce is driving a huge and irreversible shift in how businesses and consumers interact. E-commerce is also presenting major challenges to the business models of national postal service providers who, in most cases, remain saddled with obligations to meet the costs of public service obligations on declining mail volumes. UNI Global Union will examine the implications of these changes for postal workers and the trade union movement, and how postal and logistic sector unions represent and protect the pay and working conditions of postal workers. The issues addressed also have major implications for the postal and logistics sector in Ireland.  UNI Global Union has commissioned research into the impacts of e-commerce on the postal and logistics sector worldwide.   Pic Maxwell’s -= No Repro Fee  13-10-16

UNI Post and Logistics World Conference delivering the future

Dublin is the venue for the UNI Post and logistics world conference this week. Over 250 post and logistics world leaders are engaged in a passionate debate about the future of postal services in a digital world. Steve Fitzpatrick, General Secretary of CWU Ireland commented, “The venue of Dublin has a political significance to postal…

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Time to stop the talks: TiSA negotiations must be brought to a halt

Time to stop the talks: TiSA negotiations must be brought to a halt  Newly released Wikileaks documents make it clear that the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is no more than a corporate power grab and that negotiations must be stopped. The wide scope of the deregulatory agenda and attack on democratic governance has been…

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